Welcome to the Inn!

Run and manage an inn for spirits in this Japanese-inspired life-sim game.

Farm, cook, craft, customize, raise animals, and befriend folk both human and otherworldly alike! Taking place during the Taishō era in Japan, meet the yokai lurking between the bounds of tradition and the modern.

Yokai Inn is currently in early development by ShibaPixels, with Moonsailor handling sound and music!

Explore Hand Crafted Environments

All environments are hand drawn and composed with love and care. There's always something unique to see around the corner!

Grow and Run an Inn from Scratch

Immerse yourself in unique activities like maintaining the furnace and sweeping floors, or classic ones like farming, fishing, cooking, mining, and crafting in order to grow and expand your inn.

befriend spirits and monsters

All patrons have dynamic dialogue, so you can always come home and have fresh conversations!

New Features!

- Manage and expand your inn to draw all sorts of yokai guests!
- Seasonal crops have an easier time growing during certain seasons, and are worth more too.
- Prepare and celebrate Japanese holidays.
- Find animals in the wilderness and adopt them. Certain animals can even be used as mounts!
- Build your relationships with your fellow innkeepers, inn guests, as well as townsfolk.
- New movement methods accessible to the player such as swimming and climbing!

Returning Life-Sim Features!

- Collect furniture and decorate your room to your tastes.
- Forage for resources and craft tools to assist you in your journey.
- Collect cute outfits and hairstyles for your character.
- Travelling shopkeepers and guests will visit your town with exclusive goods for you.

... and much more to be shown in the future!

Questions about release dates, platforms, and more? Visit the fAQ page!

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