Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a release date for Yokai Inn?

Since Yokai Inn is currently early in development, it's a bit early to say for sure. We'll let you know as soon as we can on Twitter and Discord.

What systems will Yokai Inn be released on?

Currently I'm planning on Yokai Inn to be released on PC, Mobile, and Nintendo Switch. Stay tuned for confirmation for each platform.

Is there a store page for steam, mobile, or switch yet?

Not yet! We'll let you guys know on Twitter and Discord when store pages are up for each platform.

Will there be a kickstarter?

A Kickstarter is planned in the future, we'll keep you posted when it's ready.

Is there a patreon?

Currently there's no Patreon planned, but may change in the future. Let us know what kind of content you're interested in seeing if you would be interested in a Patreon!

What languages will Yokai Inn be localized in?

I'd like to see Yokai Inn be localized in as many languages as possible. Which languages will be chosen will be solidified as we get closer to release.

What tools/engine are you using?

Yokai Inn is currently bring drawn in Aseprite, and built using the Unity game engine.

What yokai are going to be featured in the game?

The list of yokai that will be added is continuously expanding, and may even continue to be added through updates post-release.

Some yokai that are currently included are: Kodama Nezumi, Kitsune, Tanukis, Onis, Kappas, Kawausos, Ogamas, Kodamas, Bakanekos, Hitodama, and Nopperabō.